I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me! And I Have No Privacy. | With Callum Corr

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In today’s episode, Sean Martin, host of At The Edge, and Selena Templeton, host of Diverse IT, are joined by Callum Corr, data analytics specialist at ZL Technologies, a company that develops unstructured data archiving software. In light of the recent Google/FBI case – in which the FBI made an unprecedented request that Google turn over the data on all its Android and iPhone users who were within 110 acres during a 30-minute time frame of the crime scene they were investigating – we'll be talking about this particular case as well as the news that Google is storing user location data even when you’ve turned location history off in your phone’s settings. This is a perfect/scary example of how data can be manipulated when it is being collected: without enforcing strict regulations on the use cases for that data, what does the future of privacy look like? How does the average person be responsible for their privacy when companies like Google are being duplicitous on their support pages about your data? If they say don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, but they don’t, how do you take charge of your data privacy then? We'll also dive in to the subject of convenience vs privacy – people are so seduced by the convenience of tech that maybe they don’t care whether Google is tracking their every move – and who is responsible for data privacy (federal government, state government, businesses, employers or individuals). As Callum says, “Regulations are great, but without enforcement, they really don’t mean anything.” So sit back, relax (if you can!), and enjoy the conversation!

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Callum Corr

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