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The 80-20 Rule | Conversation with a soon-to-be IIT Graduate Abhishek Jaiswal | Off the Record with Saman — Student Abroad Podcast

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The 80-20 Rule | Conversation with a soon-to-be IIT Graduate Abhishek Jaiswal.

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Guest: Abhishek Jaiswal, Data Analytics Intern at Chicago Transit Authority [@cta]

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Host: Saman Fatima

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Episode Description

Are you from India? Wishing to come to the USA for your studies? Are you in love with Data Science and have an admit from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago? If yes, grab a pen, paper, and water, and you are all good to know everything. From researching the dream university to getting selected and beating the elephant in the room (i.e. the VISA process) to settling up - you need to know EVERYTHING because, at the end of the day, it is a foreign land with a lot of newness, loneliness, and self-dependency.



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Episode Transcription

The 80-20 Rule | Conversation with a soon-to-be IIT Graduate Abhishek Jaiswal | Off the Record with Saman — Student Abroad Podcast

20:30:31 Hi everyone, this is Saman and you yet again back with another episode of Of the Record with Saman.

20:30:39 And today we're moving more toward a new university. And this is one place that I really wanted to go up on and this is Okay, the college that we're discussing and the student we've got here as part of the university.

20:30:55 Welcome to the podcast and we're really glad that you are associated and you came on board with the podcast on ITSPmagazine.

20:31:04 We'll take one more second before he introduces himself and about Illinois Institute of Technology. I the ball keeps on rolling from there with the questions and with lot of other activities but I take this privilege here to wish everyone happy Women's History Month and March is really a special and auspicious month for all of us and I really wish everyone is.

20:31:28 Yeah, yeah, well, we do opportunities and confidence and a lot of leadership activities. I know, so whoever is celebrating Ramadan, I would really wish everyone the same and go ones doing fine.

20:31:39 So with that being said, we could start with a new episode and, that's appreciate with us.

20:31:48 And I'll just hand it over to him to introduce himself. What college is he from? What is the degree that he's pursuing?

20:31:55 When is he graduating? What city he is in. Goes to you.

20:31:59 Thanks a much. Thanks for the kind introduction. So hello, everyone. My name is Abhishek.

20:32:06 Currently I'm pursuing my masters in data science. At Illinois Tech that's in Chicago at the heart of Chicago.

20:32:11 So. Oh, I came to you states in back in 2022 August 2022 and I started my journey back then apart from inline tech I had the admits from the university - Arizona State University, University of Arizona and John Hopkins and But I chose IIT or the others because when I did a comparison study, I got to know that IIT's data science program is good and very competitive.

20:32:38 In addition to that, I got to know about some of the professors who are doing the mainstream research related to AI and machine learning, for example, professors like Slomo and So that's always my prime constant coming here apart from that the getting the internship and the scholarship.

20:32:56 So I got 2 months of internship as a data and data analyst back in India with the associated with the There was a lumpsam amount of scholarship.

20:33:08 About 10 K. So that was my parameters in choosing this. So that's about me and about the university insurance.

20:33:17 Thank you so much. That's really a very inspirational introduction I would say because there are a lot of things that we would like to, you know, talk about and we'll do that all through.

20:33:30 A very inspirational introduction, I would say, because there are a lot of things that we would like to, you know, talk about and we'll do that all through, the hour, but yeah, first of all, that's really a great opportunity.

20:33:39 And if I may ask or the students who actually want to come to Illinois Institute of Technology or we're associating it as short for IIT.

20:33:45 Yeah.

20:33:45 So just wanting to understand how the course work, like how the curriculum stood different from the other universities that you picked up and was it just the internship that was the upper advantage of an internship and obviously the scholarship or the curriculum or, you know, the duration of the course.

20:34:06 Was it also a point where you selected this particular degree and colleagues?

20:34:11 Yeah, that's a good question. I would say there when we choose something so there needs to be some concrete reasons behind it.

20:34:19 So there needs to be some concrete reasons behind it. So the 2 other that you just mentioned were among all of these reasons behind it.

20:34:23 So the 2 other that you just mentioned were among all of this reasons behind it. So the 2 other that you just mentioned were among all of this reasons behind it.

20:34:25 So the 2 other that you just mentioned were among all of this reasons. Some other words, I was in touch with some of the professors who are the Dean level or the senior professors, IET IIT.

20:34:31 For example, professors like you hunting, I was in touch with them, for last 4 or 5 years before you been coming to the IIT.

20:34:37 And so I was in touch with them. I was going through their research work, what they are doing.

20:34:41 So back in India, I started. Working with one of the professor on our research project.

20:34:47 So this is another reason apart from that when I did a comparative study among the data science program here and the other option that I mentioned.

20:34:56 So I found out here we have more flexibility in choosing the courses in which mainstream direction we want to proceed.

20:35:02 For example, if you won't talk about, about data science, so it's not just about one or 2 roles, it's data engineering, data scientist, data analyst, BI, EBA, and machine learning engineer in terms of other rules.

20:35:15 So if you driving into one course, you need to make sure that if you can take one course, you have one another dimension.

20:35:21 And as of now, IT has like courses from the business school from the, mathematics department from the physics department.

20:35:28 You have, we have courses like bio. Bioengineering from the physics we have content physics in quantum mechanics.

20:35:35 We have quantum computing, we have the business level courses like project management and everything else. Around it.

20:35:40 So it matters to you. What you spy to be. So once you decide that you are coming to IT, you can build your course track like that and you have a dedicated academic advisor who can help you with that.

20:35:51 Otherwise you can find a mentor for yourself. Let's say if I want to be a data scientist.

20:35:55 So I have to choose. The courses like that, I have to prepare myself like that. But if I want to move to, the data scientist and less towards the data scientist and less towards the data engineering, it would be different.

20:36:06 But if it's more towards the data, it would be different. But if it's more towards the data engineering, it would be different.

20:36:08 But if it's more towards the management side, Lester would send, the data, like a business analyst.

20:36:12 So I have to choose courses like that. For example, it could be project management, the public engagement for scientist or something else.

20:36:18 So. This was the another reason the flexibility of choosing the courses. Apart from them. The bunch of activities, extracurricular activities because IT is in the heart of Chicago.

20:36:29 So we have access to so many things. For example, networking events, DTAC events and the hiding events all across the Chicago for free for us.

20:36:37 So I was aware of these like if you simply go to the Google. Simply search tech or the hiring events near me.

20:36:42 You'll get a bunch of those. You can simply go as a student, be the part of it.

20:36:45 Go for the networking because at the end of the day, if you are in network with someone who can.

20:36:51 Get things done easily for you. It's wind wind situation. So these were the bunch of the reasons.

20:37:01 Yeah.

20:36:57 I guess the curriculum that I could hear is very flexible and you can tune as per I guess through the degree as well like for example.

20:37:05 Yeah.

20:37:06 Hi, did you want to become like a data scientist, but after like Sometimes you think, no, I'm better off to be a business analyst.

20:37:16 So it's that flexible that you can, you know, tune yourself to a different course for midway versus.

20:37:20 Yes, yes, it's that flexible. For example, let's say in the first. Semester in the fall, Mr. When I came, I was more towards the data scientist or let's say data analyst.

20:37:30 So I was choosing courses like that, but let's say after 2 semester I realize, oh, maybe I need to dive more towards the business side of the data.

20:37:36 So I can choose courses from the business code. But there is a code at COTECH, RECORDS requirement for the matter, since we are in Data Sign.

20:37:47 So there are core core requirements for mathematics and commitments we have to complete it. Once we complete it, we are free to go, whichever way we want any semester.

20:37:59 Yeah.

20:38:02 Yep.

20:37:52 Yeah, it just makes me remember of the engineering time when we used to have like the first year we have to take all of the common subjects that that's the call to every branch and then after that you come to your branch and then after that you come to your branch, you have to take all of the common subjects that that's the call to every branch.

20:38:08 And then after that, you come to your

20:38:08 So it's even more, yeah, it's even more advanced to that. For example, let's say in the first semester every single course and IIT, we have some course core course requirement and then there are electives.

20:38:18 That So once we satisfy the code code requirements, whether we satisfy in the first 2 semesters or first 3 semester as we decide.

20:38:25 So once we are done with the code host requirements, we can go for and number of electives, depend on what you want to be, or what you're starting to be.

20:38:32 Okay, so that just gets like is then not like where just jumping onto the course work but just wanting to ask like every semester has like a set number of credits that you have to complete.

20:38:44 Yeah.

20:38:45 You can go beyond that as well and that could be like how.

20:38:48 Okay, so the maximum course, credit that we can take at IT, it's 12. That means roughly 4 courses.

20:38:56 Every course worth 3 credits. So that means in the first semester or second semester you have to take 3 or 4 courses and since every single program have a different different credits.

20:39:05 So talking about the data science, we have 33 credits. So that means roughly, 3 semesters you have to take 9, then last semester you can have 6.

20:39:15 So it goes like that or maybe sometimes we can take a summer credit, let's say summer course, then the last semester we will left with the 3. So it's quite flexible.

20:39:26 You can take some more courses as well.

20:39:26 That's nice. Like if one of your semester you make it heavier the other could be like that's nice that's nice that it's like a fair balance there.

20:39:36 So since you're talking about a more towards the coursework and, before jumping, there.

20:39:43 So, since we're talking about a more towards the coursework and, before jumping more questions on to the course but I just wanted to ask like when you applied for IIT what would the university requirements, all sorts of logistic things that you submitted or writing exams or were there any video interviews or essays or nothing at all just If you can enlighten.

20:40:03 Okay, so the universities I talked about I will mention again including IIT, IT, ISU, John Hopkins, University of Arizona and GIT.

20:40:13 All those 5 universities had the common requirements that was Tafel or Isles and then second was the GRE, LOR, SOP.

20:40:20 And your transcripts and every single details around it. But except as you which had the interviews, though the university has the interview.

20:40:29 So it was quite common. So after once you apply on the portal, you have to wait for maybe a month sometimes or at least a month or maybe sometimes, 2030 days.

20:40:38 So to get the acceptance of the reduction notification. So it was more or less same.

20:40:42 Okay. So you use like if you can walk us through what all submissions you did for your time.

20:40:49 Okay. So for me, they waved off. Right, because, the first thing I had the work x in the same, dimension, for example, I would see the data and list back in India.

20:41:00 So they waved of the GRE department for me. But considering the TOFEL and the LOARS, and I had to submit the alerts and from my, the working, employer.

20:41:11 And 2 from my academics or it could be a combination of both any way you want. So I had to submit 3, that is letter of recommendation, one statement of purpose that is SOP.

20:41:22 And I have to submit my toffee score directly apart from that the transcript. And, I think these are the bunch of the documents I did.

20:41:30 7 only specific essays or with USCs that required as part of.

20:41:34 No, no, no, no.

20:41:36 That's nice. That's still like an easy course. But yeah, I would say, if we may just spend point your like with IIT, do you happen to know like what are the minimum scores required for these examinations like for GRI and tofu, what do they require?

20:41:53 Okay, so the person I have met, I so far I have met so many people who came this semester or last.

20:42:01 I think I came across the lowest score was 308 or 310 I believe for the GRE.

20:42:11 Okay.

20:42:07 And for the Toffel, I think it's 95. Or it could be a lower based on you the case to case condition but in general we can take 95 and 308 let's say.

20:42:18 And in your perception like it's both a balance of your scores and the profile that you submit of yourself leads to that.

20:42:24 Yeah, yeah, I let's say if someone is coming directly out of the college, then they need to have something to show their credibility or what they can do.

20:42:34 So that's why in that case, having a good GR in total, there is a good Jerry could be somewhere over 200 320 and a good topic.

20:42:44 Would be over 100. So if you're coming with out of the college and trying to come to the ID, I think.

20:42:49 Somewhere around Discord, the marching would be somewhere between the 3 to 10 to 10 to 20.

20:42:54 And if for toffee I believe it would be 95 above would be good but if you have like at least 2 3 years of experience or somebody in somewhere around it.

20:43:04 So then it could be 3 into 10 also or the 12 could be 90 also. So it depends because at the end of the day you have to make your profile speak on your behalf.

20:43:12 Yeah.

20:43:12 Yeah, I agree. That really helps because I don't remember with my time with GSU, apart from all these things what you mentioned I had to also submit like a video essay so they gave us 5 min and there was a port to then they were 5 questions and they gave us 5 min and there was a week of video essay.

20:43:31 Okay.

20:43:32 So they gave us 5 min and there was a portal and there were 5 questions and we had to answer it in 5 min.

20:43:38 So that was also one thing where you could actually showcase your communication or you know how rings and how many these things to get for those questions.

20:43:43 Yeah.

20:43:40 So that is also more like a personal thing. So I know with every college it's different how the process follow but yeah that's how something you know with every college it's different how the process follow but yeah that's how something you add up to your profile so yeah that helps so That's being said, we talked about the selection process.

20:43:53 We talked about the course work. So had it ever like crossed your mind that you know. If not US.

20:44:00 Which other country you would have thought only be your home country itself. What were your pros and cons in those cases of.

20:44:11 What were your pros and cons in those cases. What were your pros and cons in those spaces of doing the course from here and not from any other country?

20:44:14 Yeah, that's a good question. So I had my backup option as well because, when it comes to user processes, we cannot be very sure.

20:44:21 So I had my options ready. So I had King's College in London. I had 20 college in Ireland.

20:44:29 Apart from that, I had 2 colleges in Australia.

20:44:34 So then you weighed out the curriculum, the course for the expenses and everything. And

20:44:38 No, actually, yeah, so it's based on the priority. So I had the priority. So my first priority was US.

20:44:44 Second was the King's College. That was the Australia's fourth was the island and that was the first criteria.

20:44:50 So the second criteria was the number of opportunities. So for example, I'm working as an intern.

20:44:54 Hmm.

20:44:57 So I was exploring the opportunities I was in touch with the professors in those universities as well over the Lincoln and I would mention before going to the university, that's a good idea to get in touch with the professors because once you talk to them, be polite.

20:45:09 So once you talk to them, you can go more and more information, then you have a good idea about the university from the ground level.

20:45:15 So once you have that information, you can compare. And you can work along. What motivates you or maybe if you point a common grounds between your profile or what you're starting to be and the universities or what the professor is saying.

20:45:27 So once you have a common ground, you can proceed. So these were the 2 concrete grounds which I focused forward because using which way I need to go.

20:45:41 Yeah.

20:45:36 I guess we did a lot of digging before entering into any college and that's like recommended. At least get hold of professors and it's pretty easy to email them and understand what projects they're working on, how your experience can put in and this is how you actually decide, okay, this one is a good professor, he's working on something that I can contribute to.

20:45:57 So that's nice. That's like a good experience that you could share with us and everyone can also get hold of and that you know you can get the email IDs easily from the website.

20:46:09 Yeah.

20:46:07 And reach out to those departments or maybe get help from the college advisor itself. That would be one route as well.

20:46:15 Yeah, for example, for example, still talk to one of those. Professors, especially from the Australia.

20:46:23 So they guided me on so many things. For for them also sometimes I join their LinkedIn connect calls and to talk more about how we can move our way.

20:46:40 That's fine. Yeah.

20:46:33 So the USC was UNSW, you know, that's in Sydney. So from one of the professor, I cannot take his name because yeah, so he is from UNSW and he was I was humble enough because he was I was humble enough because he was guiding me throughout the process.

20:46:49 Even when I was in US, he offered me one research project and he was off offering this, a stipend as well.

20:46:55 And he was offering this, a stipend as well. But the criteria was I was supposed to, stipend as well but the criteria was I was supposed to travel to Australia back in the summer's last years.

20:46:59 But I since I already had the internship so I asked him. That professor since I have to focus on this.

20:47:06 So, please allow me to go ahead with it and he was kind enough to allow me. So that's why if you if you build that kind of network that kind of relationship, it not just the university that you are going, but from the other, at least you'll get bunch of information, what you can do, what they are doing, and you can collaborate with them on different projects or maybe, well, because once

20:47:26 you are coming for the masters, it's specifically for the masters, you need to have something else apart from doing the regular courses at the university.

20:47:34 You need to show that you are good at research or maybe you are good at something that. That you have added to the masters.

20:47:40 So this is a good ground that you can get in touch with the collaborative project with the professors.

20:47:45 Go for the search works or something on these and if you can collaborate the cross continent teams and you can show that you have a team and you are collaborating with them, you're doing something on these things.

20:47:56 And it's a good thing for your profile. So That's what I was doing today, but since I hardly get time, so.

20:48:02 It's good. So that's for the one Christian.

20:48:14 Yeah.

20:48:03 Hi, I understand. I do understand like, the masters degree alongside with your curriculum, all these activities really do come handy and You just build up your profile that okay you have been diverse and it's also demographic.

20:48:21 To a different country altogether and been in contact. Had it not been you were there with your internship, you would have taken those opportunities and explode those things as well.

20:48:31 Yeah.

20:48:32 So that's like opening gates to You never know what can happen in the change.

20:48:36 Yeah, because I would like to mention one more thing. So since I mentioned I had the internship at the island.

20:48:41 Oh sorry, I had the admit from the island is that and I was touching that some of the professors over there.

20:48:49 So one of them, she asked me, what kind, what work I'm doing. So as soon as I landed in, US it was September, 2022 and within 15 days she asked me that someone, some of the recruited from a new, machine learning based data wants to talk to you, just talk to them over a Zoom call.

20:49:05 So I had a discussion with the senior. Manager and then there was a CTO. Because it's a so I was talking to them it was it was a friendly discussion I thought it's just a friendly discussion.

20:49:16 I thought it's just a friendly discussion around ML and everything around it. And at the end of the September they offered me a internship.

20:49:20 So they offered me a role in Ireland, but the only case was I was supposed to travel to Ireland.

20:49:25 And again, it was like I said, if it's hybrid or maybe it's I can work from here, it's fine.

20:49:32 Otherwise, if I, if you want to travel like once, that would be fine for me, but not every single month or if you want me to be in person that's not possible for me as of now.

20:49:43 But if something come up in the future, I will surely do that. So that again came up from that dimension.

20:49:48 Yeah.

20:49:46 That's amazing. Yeah. But that's like a great opportunity like, you know, getting hold of a different environment in 2 different countries.

20:49:57 You still get to get that exposure and learn from others and That's that's really amazing like that you still you know if you were in US and you still were connecting with those folks just to you know be in the process just to learn more with that learning mindset.

20:50:15 That's really amazing. I really wanted to let everyone know like if you have applied to different colleges or maybe different countries.

20:50:22 It's good that you stay connected because we're still into this hybrid mode and it just connects us.

20:50:27 Yeah.

20:50:31 Yeah

20:50:30 So if nothing, you just learn a lot of things from other countries and everywhere everything the lifestyle and everything is different.

20:50:39 So you never know what you can learn from there and what things they are devising there and it's not yet here.

20:50:44 I'm gonna be here, but not there and you can. A filler for that side.

20:50:48 Yeah, so adding to that point, to the, I would say it's a good habit also because Maybe they have some opportunities, maybe not at that time, maybe, but if what if they know someone in your country that where you are in currently.

20:51:03 Maybe they know someone they can refer you. Maybe they can write a recommendation for you or something. But so the possibilities are and you just need to harvest those opportunities trust your instinct and move forward because networking is a key apart from good being good tech is the one thing.

20:51:17 But doing these things a lot to be a successful candidate or the employer you need to do. So many things you need to take to so many things in parallel to be as successful candidate or lander point W or a job.

20:51:31 So these are the bunch of things we are supposed to do. Apart from tech.

20:51:34 Networking is the biggest key here to everything and I would say professors have like a great network.

20:51:42 Yeah.

20:51:42 And they could be the best ones to come handy. I have realized this also my master's degree.

20:51:50 My professor had like a huge network back in Europe or in Australia. I was working as the ARIA under and I was exposed to so many people while working with her that you know if for instance I want to Go start something at Europe or any other places that I've worked with folks.

20:52:06 I could just touch face with them and I could land up somewhere, maybe at least not at, you know, a line 0, but somewhere.

20:52:12 Yeah.

20:52:16 So I would just say to fessors have a huge contact. Just be close to them. It's good.

20:52:21 You'll learn a lot of things. And network any day the key.

20:52:21 Yeah, that's true. Yeah, even if you get in touch with the, professor not even in your single university.

20:52:30 So I know, when I came in, so there were so many people who were looking for the on campus jobs.

20:52:34 So I asked them, it's just not about the own temperature. Just go for the RA position.

20:52:39 So they said in their department mostly from the computer science and the ITM. So they asked, they told me that they are not must enough in opportunities at their department.

20:52:48 So what I did, I asked them do one thing. Just go to the IT website, look for the professors who got the funding.

20:52:56 That was the one criteria. The second criteria was just read through their profile. What if they are doing something related to you respect to you or whether they are from computer science, civil engineering or whatever department.

20:53:06 So they came up with a list of 4 5 professors. And all of them went to meet and all 4 of them got their issue.

20:53:15 Now one of them is working on the professor who is in civil engineering too in the biomedical and one is working in the IT.

20:53:21 All of them got the Rorship professors, all this professor never published it. Anywhere on the portal or the internet, they simply went on to meet them.

20:53:34 That's nice. That's nice. It's like a good way. Yeah.

20:53:31 Good discussion maybe a couple of rounds of discussion they got it. Yeah, so. Yeah, so even at your university, it's not just your department.

20:53:42 Your classmate it's about thing we have to think from a global perspective a global mindset that we say that's why we say no we need to have a global perspective.

20:53:51 Think like a global citizen. So even at your university go to meet the different people, people from different departments, different initiatives.

20:53:58 And you never know what works for you.

20:54:08 Yeah.

20:54:01 Totally totally. I get that because There are Good. Department may not have that funding or not have those many projects as compared to others and maybe due to lesser exposure you don't know that but yeah that's a good point I spent so point of the 2 to be noted here.

20:54:16 Yeah.

20:54:31 Yeah.

20:54:19 So, forward with the last question before you landed here in the US in 2,022 and that's the biggest chunk where we discuss about the visa experience and we know for US you have to go through a lot of paperwork the F one visa and you know that takes a lot of time.

20:54:48 Yeah.

20:54:41 Govid, it was like a hell for all the students to at least get appointments to sit for the interviews, then fly back to their, cities wherever they were flying into United States.

20:54:53 So how was it at your and I know it was peak time, I understand. 22 would be really challenging with these because I know that as well.

20:55:00 Yeah. Actually, for me, the plan was It was it was 3 days, 3 days of discussion with my family.

20:55:10 They said I should do it. So the decision was made on ninth of January, 20 ready to that I should go for the masters and for fifteenth or nineteenth of January, the 20 and 2 I booked for my toffee.

20:55:24 I got my school I started applying. So since already most of the universities have were already closed. So I got these bunch of option applied.

20:55:31 So since as you have mentioned that it was we are just coming out of the COVID time. So they were restriction it was hard to get the visa slots.

20:55:40 So even I was struggling. So my university was supposed to start from 20 s of August. I got the visa date for the third of August.

20:55:47 So it was again a pinpoint for me like. I have to wait for that longer period.

20:55:54 Then I had these some other nations as well, for example, for Australia, we need to have a physical that to in particular.

20:55:59 I'm talking about India. So and for the other 2 universities, I need to send them a confirmation because we have to deposit some amount as that as a confirmation amount.

20:56:08 So I was juggling with all those things which, should I do? So what I did, I dropped an email to the professor again because I was in touch with him at U.

20:56:17 NSW in Australia I asked I told him professor this is the case what should I do and there was some other paperwork they were pending my part so he said relax I'm here and I understand I'll look into it so he waved it off from from his end.

20:56:31 And I wasn't supposed to pay out rightly so that once it was confirmed that likewise I did for the kings.

20:56:36 So the one another way I didn't have to pay that so once I got to know that I don't have to pay that amount.

20:56:42 My seats are saved. With those universities, I could focus on the US. Now coming back to the US.

20:56:50 So I every single day I used to look into it. It sometimes it's sleepless night because we have to look for the, so the slots here and there because we have so many people coming from the US.

20:57:00 That in the fall semester. So luckily I would say luckily I got third of August because some of the people I know who came with me they got the dates up to 20 sixth of August also they have to get this implemented documents from the university.

20:57:14 For example, it's fine with the university that they are coming late. So that is the in the case but for me I got the date.

20:57:21 Once the visa interview was done I got everything done So it just checking the list if, taking everything that, I got to know from the seniors over here or the people who are already in the US that everything I'm keeping, those are the basic utensils or the necessary equipments that I won't supposed to take.

20:57:42 So I just make sure that I had a list. I'm checking every single point before leaving every single documentation I have every single.

20:57:46 Thing that they have mentioned I checked it and so once it was done it was a win-win situation and once I got that I updated those professors from that universities professor as I mentioned because you have to be true to them.

20:57:58 I initially I told them that and this is my intent so once I got it I told them a professor I'm moving ahead with these.

20:58:06 And I'm looking forward to. Be in touch with you. And let me move from your end.

20:58:11 So that's what the entire 4, 5 or 6 months look like.

20:58:24 Yeah.

20:58:29 Yeah.

20:58:33 Yeah.

20:58:23 Probably counting that they were different colleges, few countries, but still they were supporting you and I'm really, all, you know, grateful for those activities that people are doing and helping you and Let's do they were okay.

20:58:38 Yeah. It's yeah, it's, see that's what it doesn't work in a single day or single week a single month.

20:58:44 Yeah. The relationship.

20:58:47 It's like maybe months of networking trying to be yeah building it's like a really any relationship building kind of activity so once you build that kind of relationship with honesty and truthfulness, they believe in you.

20:58:58 Once they believe in you, it would be easy.

20:59:12 Yes.

20:59:00 I agree. I agree. And you know, when we because we are just talking about in the context of networking and everything, I just wanted to quote it here that if we say networking is the, it is the key, as you can see in the example, there's where that, you know, people sitting in different universities across countries are ready to, you know, sponsor you with your seat.

20:59:26 Yeah.

20:59:22 Charges and they're not just nominal charges. They are good amount in their own currencies that you know you also have to think twice that okay.

20:59:37 Yeah, it's a great deal.

20:59:30 For example I paid for my college. See it was $250 so. If you are back in India to $50 is a Big deal for a seat and when you're not sure that if you take that seat of you go somewhere else or what is the scene and when you don't know that you'll be getting that money back or not.

20:59:48 So that was really great and thank you for sharing that instance. Maybe everyone would take opportunity to stay connected with the folks so that you never know when things could work in your favorite or maybe you all had to work with them as well.

21:00:02 Yeah.

21:00:02 So. That being said and We discuss about the visa and how things went by. So now. You're all good landed in US.

21:00:10 How are you all initial days, any kind of logistic activities? How is the transitioning phase? I know it would have been really overwhelming, but if you can talk about it, how was it for you?

21:00:21 Okay, so remember it because when I was in India or in India So we feel there will be cultural shocks.

21:00:28 There'll be this kind of environment, there'll be changes here and there. But I would say, I don't know.

21:00:33 I was lucky, no? I was lucky enough that I didn't get to go through it because I, in the beginning itself, I made good connections here.

21:00:42 Those good connection turned out to be very great friends. So I'm lucky enough and humble enough that I have those.

21:00:48 A bunch of people I can trust on for every single thing. That is the first thing. Then since I already knew some of the professors in this university.

21:00:55 So I know. As soon as I landed and then, the next day I went on to meet them, they were happy to see me here in person because I already know them for the last couple of years, maybe more.

21:01:05 So it was like a new people at the university and you people who I can trust with. So in the beginning, few things could be challenging because you have to look into so many different paperworks.

21:01:16 And then you have to look into your bank accounts, you have to go through some, government documentation, start your school as well.

21:01:24 So it's bunch of everything, but if you have a good connection, if you have a bunch of people who you can trust who are ready to move along with you, it gets easy.

21:01:34 So that's why I'm humble enough and thankful for Chicago because I didn't even expect in my violent stream that it could be that easy.

21:01:40 Yeah, like. With my experience. Like today sitting with the sixth person here as part of the podcast and I would say everyone had few other issues that they would discuss at the transition phase at Christicopodic was overwhelming.

21:01:57 But for you, I know it has been difficult. I know it has been overwhelming, but yeah, this comes out to be handy that you know those folks you maintain those relationships.

21:02:08 You talk, you network that one day those things really work out for you and you think at least you have a family here. Stuff like that.

21:02:16 So that's a great thing.

21:02:15 Yeah, yeah, so it was for me at least it was moved. So I would say if you are watching this and you for coming from India, I would say get in touch with the people who you can trust on, get in touch with the professors at the university and make a good call.

21:02:29 A relationship with them, be professional, be polite. And keep it very professional and get in touch with them.

21:02:35 Get to ask them about. Themselves their research work and ask them good questions because sometimes we don't know what is a good question.

21:02:43 So I would like to pinpoint on this for a minute. So let's say if we are talking in this podcast.

21:02:48 So since it's focused on the university visa and everything else, so if I have to ask something to summon the good question would be what was your experience with the universities or what was your process?

21:02:58 I won't ask her about her hobbies. So asking about the hobby is not a good question at this moment, but if I'm catching up with her or a coffee outside this podcast, I would ask her about the hobbies or what she likes to do.

21:03:12 So that is the good question at that point, but not here. So please understand what is a good question and ask it.

21:03:16 Thank you so much for sharing that because that's really important because, as a starter, it's nothing that you're sitting face to face with the person but actually you are talking to them via emails or How you talk like for example if I'm talking to Abu Shik if I'd say anything he will understand okay what I mean but in emails or in written things they could be deceptive.

21:03:40 Yep.

21:03:41 You don't know how. The person reads that message or how he takes it or I you being too, you know, polite or are you being like?

21:03:51 Just borderline polite. You don't know, but you just have to like curate yourself in a way that it's like the teachers food in relationship and you put it up in that.

21:04:00 Yeah.

21:04:01 We try to know more about the work but Don't be greedy at the same time. Just using up.

21:04:05 Yeah. Yeah, also nowadays to even today I was interacting with 2 of the companies with their HR.

21:04:13 And they told me nowadays people if they are dropping on breakfast on the LinkedIn they're simply doing the chat GPD they said since they are in the industry for over 10 years, maybe 5 or 6 years, they know how to read the chat GPT messages now.

21:04:27 So please don't send them at least a chat GPT message. Even if you're doing it for the process optimization, make sure you are editing them and customized.

21:04:34 As per the human as per you.

21:04:37 And I would still say if you want to curate your messages in a professional manner, probably you can just put up like I want to write these things in a professional manner.

21:04:54 Probably you can just put up like, I want to write these things, thatjibity, please rephrase them in a professional manner. Probably you can just put up like, I want to write these things.

21:04:58 Yeah.

21:04:56 Ajibity, please rephrase them in a professional manner. Please rephrase them in a professional manner. Probably those will be your words just put up in a better sentence.

21:05:03 Yeah. Yeah, because, because they know.

21:05:05 And then again, That would be exactly. And to be honest, now everyone knows actually everyone gets to understand, okay, this is how child GPU writes, because it's tragically becomes professional as possible.

21:05:15 Yeah.

21:05:15 So yeah, that's the thing, but I would say networking, we talked about a lot about networking and how it easiest off things is this is a big example here that you know, if you network with people at the right time.

21:05:30 Things would really you know work out in your manner and things would fall into the place so thanks but for sharing that And I understand.

21:05:39 Those were your smoother times when you knew people when you knew the passers things were good but considering it was a 2 year course.

21:05:49 And you know obviously with college and with the degree you have a lot of assignments, lot of test work, course work, everything goes day to day.

21:05:59 And we also know that there is also a thing on our head that we need to get out, get a job.

21:06:05 Get placed somewhere and you know everything of that so I just wanted to ask how are you managing or how did you manage from all this file in terms of the job scenario, the layoffs and all that structure along with your coursework and how's it going for you.

21:06:21 Oh, that's again a good question. That is the question that, even my fellow mates, the Julius who came to the college, even some of my purposes keep on asking me how do we manage so many things at once.

21:06:32 So I'll tell you the other things. So I was part of pipe clubs. I was the vice president of one of the club.

21:06:39 Cordbridge international and on campus. I was a senior executive member of one of the club. The data science head of the google developer student club that is global entity.

21:06:50 Part of what business Chicago that has a collaboration with the IT. I was their campus. Apart from that, I was the link in mentor and the career relationship builder with the career services.

21:07:02 So I was working on these roads. I had 9 credits to handle and after the first 2 semester I had the internship also.

21:07:10 So combine these 4 4 5 things. The internship, my 9 credits and on top of it I added the cherry that was did my top mate. So I started mentoring people, helping them out with so many things that they have doubt.

21:07:26 So I had these bunch of things to do in a single day. So how do I manage it? So there's a a Japanese metric called So I believe in it.

21:07:34 So the metric says, if you can divide things in a simple task. Then go by the priority of those sub tasks.

21:07:42 For example, let's say if I have some. Assignment pending because we since 3 courses we have assignments we have the quizzes we have midterm finals projects and everything around it.

21:07:53 And since I'm part of the clubs, so I have some credibility and accountability and responsibility towards the activities because they have monthly events.

21:08:01 And so, managing everything comes handy. So you have to look into if let's say if I have some assignment next week.

21:08:10 Due next week. Then for this week, what I'll do, I'll try to complete that assignment on the priority because it is.

21:08:16 This is what I came here for. So I will first focus on those assignments or the quizzes.

21:08:22 So that will be my first priority. Second priority would be if there is some club if I'm being part of and if there's no other person is available to handle that.

21:08:31 So that will be my prime concern to look into that activity, then the all the activities for example, let's say if I have somebody booked a session with me on top made for something or if they are needing some help.

21:08:43 So that would be my third priority at least I can help them on priority. So. If you take the ownership, if you take the responsibility and you have accountability and you have you have believe in integrity.

21:08:54 So if you have these kinds of, work ethics so you can do it easily because at the end of the day if you can help someone with something you feel good about it.

21:09:03 So that what gives you happiness and if you are able to complete the assignment on time and get good rates.

21:09:09 So again, you have some happiness. So it's like mixing all those things together if you get, let's say, 90%.

21:09:16 Saxes out of 1,000. So it's a minimum situation for you. Either 10%, it's not just a failure, it's learning from you.

21:09:23 So I was able to learn from those things that I was missing on. I was able to pinpoint.

21:09:28 I'd like to do it as school school because I can show. So this is my I don't use the calendars.

21:09:33 So this kind of calendars are used. So I noted down here. Oh. Yep.

21:09:32 Okay. Oh, I have the same like I do still like the journaling so I have like the journals I write every day.

21:09:45 Yeah, I do the same thing. I do the same thing. So I like to do it as go.

21:09:50 Yeah.

21:09:45 Okay, this have planned for this week and this I did today. Yeah. I'm tracking everything.

21:09:53 So if he helps you, I'm, I'm same not at the person, you know, where I just use tablets or one note. It's difficult for me.

21:09:56 Yeah.

21:10:00 I'm good at taking notes and you know it's not hard copy for me soft copies was

21:10:01 Yeah. Yeah, because we may have multiple email IDs, multiple email IDs have different different events or invites.

21:10:10 Yeah.

21:10:10 So it's not easy to handle. Sometimes we do sync, but I believe in the whole school ways without that's how I use I was doing it and also I can mark the priority or I can highlight them simply with red green or the yellow markers.

21:10:23 This is on the priority for this day so that I can I do not accompany with some other tasks.

21:10:27 So if you have that kind of systematic mindset and you know the time management. It would be easy.

21:10:31 Yeah.

21:10:32 I still don't find a hard to do any of these and I'm not pushing off any of these.

21:10:38 Though I have designed from a couple of organization because I'm graduating and there's a lot much to do.

21:10:41 Yeah.

21:10:43 So I have resigned from a couple of because I was thinking that I'm not able to put much more efforts.

21:10:48 So I present 2 of them, but I'm still part of 3 and. Internship and still I have 9 credits to do.

21:10:54 So it's at the end of there you need to have the time management. Because you are If you're doing the masters, you are answerable to yourself, not your parents or anybody else because at the end of day most of the time it's our decision to be here.

21:11:08 Good.

21:11:08 And apart from your study, you have to do this. Because I have interacted with so many HR, the technical persons.

21:11:17 That's what I do on my weekend to go for the coffees. And talk to the people.

21:11:21 And do the networking. So over the all those of interaction for the last 2 years, I got to know it not just about the tech.

21:11:29 It's mostly 60%. Your, profile get highlighted through the soft skills.

21:11:33 Yeah.

21:11:33 And so if you're doing something out of the class, extracurricular, it may be.

21:11:39 Google for you at the end of the day or the discussion or the if it's an interview or if you're trying to sparkle in the bunch of heath of the resume and that they receive.

21:11:50 So you have to do it.

21:11:50 Yeah, and in any ways I also consider like Hello, I'm on the same board because I did a lot at my student time and I would just want to say.

21:12:02 Yeah.

21:12:00 You'd really miss your students life because a lot of, a lot of these things that you're able to pursue at such a university level is what we miss.

21:12:08 I do miss it at my corporate life. Because there was a lot of fees on those ends. And when you come here, it's all together a different night.

21:12:17 You would have been seeing it in the internship time. But I would also like to say obviously the first priority is coming for the masters.

21:12:25 That's what you're here for. That's for the degree and for the education that you want.

21:12:28 But apart from that, you also want to upscale yourself. You know, there are. Thanks.

21:12:35 For times when socially you feel a lot in, socially you feel a lot disconnected, but once you get through all these things, you get a lot of exposure and you get a lot of people like you.

21:12:46 And you interact with them and that's how you know university activities and everything takes place. So, That I would say I would totally support that these things do come handy and If not, you're mentoring someone like you are doing, but attempts you also learn a lot of new things as well.

21:13:04 Yeah.

21:13:04 And I've gone through a lot of interviews last year where apart from the tech things I really do get asked about a lot of things like for example there was a match this weekend.

21:13:14 Yeah.

21:13:14 What do you supporting? And you know, there comes like moments where people think like, okay, is she not socially social?

21:13:22 She's just more like, okay, is she not socially social? If she's just more like Nordogite and she just wants the job, know we want somebody who's like, and she just wants the job.

21:13:30 No, we want somebody who's like an all rounder and she just wants the job. No, we want somebody who's like an all rounder and who likes everything.

21:13:33 So whenever people do walk up to me, I do tell them these instances that probably just see in your city if there was some tournament if there were some matches and your city was representing it and you know people could just come up or maybe.

21:13:42 Yeah.

21:13:49 Yeah.

21:13:43 Just like the recent news they just talk about because here in US it's a icebreaker thing that you know everyone tries to bring it up and if you're not inclusive, it gets you in your bag picture out with everyone because the end of the bill.

21:13:56 Yeah, it won't be a culture culture match or culture fit that we say. Okay.

21:14:00 Correct. So they really want somebody who can fit into. The company culturing everything and You know the things you talked about in integrity, accountability, responsibility, those are actually the aspects that we get hold at work site.

21:14:15 But if you start in cultivating those things at, the degree level as well. You actually learn a lot and you're not at all at a losing end that you could just lose a lot of things.

21:14:30 Yeah.

21:14:26 It's just the college, college activities. It's not something that you're. Presenting a country somewhere, few things would happen or such.

21:14:34 So that's also a great thing and probably. I will be talking a little later like 5, 10 min later about your community.

21:14:41 Things outside of your college and inside of your college and how one can actually be part of it. But, just going to ask like your internings right now.

21:14:50 Yeah.

21:14:50 So if you would like to talk more about the organization, the role and how it matches up with the curriculum that you are doing because you'll be graduating soon.

21:15:00 Okay, so the first thing first, so as we know there is economic slowdown. A market is in a bad situation.

21:15:08 So getting one single opportunity takes a lot of things from you. So there are lots of things that need to go in parallel.

21:15:15 Before you get to land in one interchange, a day of one full time opportunity. So it's a match of, let's say, you link in your resume, your elevator page, your extra particular activities and how you are able to tell it in the best way possible.

21:15:32 The art of storytelling, apart from your tech skills. If you have these bunch of things, then add to it your networking skills.

21:15:39 How you can communicate effectively. How you can speak your mind, the thing that you want to speak. So if you can club it all together, then you can go ahead, to apply for the internship.

21:15:49 So currently I'm working with the Chicago Transit Party at the data list where I get to analyze the data to solve day-to-day problem.

21:15:57 And the best thing is you see that you're working on something that every single commuter is using to move from.

21:16:04 Source A to destination B and you just feel good about it and talking about the CTA the work environment is very chill.

21:16:11 I just love it to be there. My managers are my manager. I just love it to be there. My managers are for good.

21:16:18 My, the direct manager and my senior managers are very chill about it. Even if because we come here with the Indian mindset, sometimes I get too much into the work, they will tell me.

21:16:26 You are in intent behaved like in N. You are not a full time provision over here. So just do your work and go back home enjoy.

21:16:32 Because you have and sometimes they will ask me to take a leave while you are coming to the office whether it's good just go outside. This is a good basis to how to be out.

21:16:43 These are the good places to eat. So they will give me a bunch of so it's like a Not as again, I'm humble enough for the Chicago because I never imagine that I'll get these bunch of things, altogether.

21:16:54 So good friends. I could complete to work for a good manager who supports you in every single task. And it's like everything is just magical and very dreamy.

21:17:03 So that was that is my experience with CTA and. As a data list and it totally matches with my curriculum as you asked because I'm analyzing the data.

21:17:12 I'm using the text stack like Python, SQL, Amazon Redshift, our BI.

21:17:18 Little of Excel. So all these of things that I have learned at IIT, even in my past experiences as well.

21:17:24 But once you go on to some industry to work for, you got to apply all these things that you have done theoretically in practical.

21:17:32 So it's like you are getting your hands dirty. In the in the real life. So it's fun.

21:17:38 It's fun.

21:17:40 That's amazing. And if I may ask, like if anyone's part of IT and they want to like apply for Chicago Transit Authority like it What process did you follow if you can quickly share with us that as well like in a high level.

21:17:57 Okay, so since I mentioned the market was and I was a little late in my process because I was supposed to start in the month of maybe August or September that was a high time.

21:18:10 But I was very busy in networking. I was busy in working on my link in the zoom, and everything else around it.

21:18:19 So probably I started with around January, fifteenth, 2023. So I won't recommend that because I was little late in my approach.

21:18:25 But still, I since I was little late. I was able to apply to 115 roles.

21:18:33 And I got well internships.

21:18:36 Yeah, so. Oh, because I was able to fix so many things at the at the ground level.

21:18:43 Once I believed that the approach that I'm going to use. It's quick and it matches what I'm aspiring to be. I started applying.

21:18:52 I made a list since the market is in decision. I need a list of the decision-proof industries.

21:18:56 For example, our health care, hospitality, real state and the automobile automation and then gaming industry, transportation logistics, warehousing, all these bunch of industries, as I just mentioned.

21:19:10 These are mostly, they are working in the time of COVID. They're still working. So they were mostly hiring.

21:19:16 So they were mostly hiring. So these were the prime area where I applied and every single company when I applied and every single company when I used to apply and every single company when I used to apply, I used to make sure that I'm connecting with 5 people from each company.

21:19:25 So let's say there's a company ABC. So I used to get in touch with the 2 people who are available in Chicago.

21:19:31 One or 2 people who are the same who has the same profile as meet data professional. Oh and one person who is the HR or someone or maybe who is from a home country.

21:19:42 So I used to get in touch with them. If I'm saying, I used to get in touch with them, it's not and easy because what I used to do I simply used to go to their profile I used to read it for the 10 s 15 s, sometimes 20.

21:19:55 I just do get some keywords. If I get to know they are good at sports or they are liking something right to sports or maybe they are liking something on the AI side or something like that.

21:20:03 I used to get some unique points about them. I used to craft. So let's say someone is a recruiter working at the company.

21:20:10 XYZ. So if I go through her profile I get to know, she likes, let's say she's into the environment and sustainable.

21:20:18 Oh, since sustainable things. So I would say, hi, Salmon. I'm working in a project where I'm using Sustainable Technology to reduce the carbon footprint and I got to know that you wanted to same domain and you will have on that kind of industrial experience.

21:20:32 So I would like I'm looking forward to connect and learn more from you. Kind regards, So this is very dedicated and focused message that is directly to someone.

21:20:42 So if she, she's reading it, she will get to know that these are the bunch of the messages.

21:20:46 I'm reading which are like typical. And this is something that's very dedicated to me. Where I believe.

21:20:53 So she will accept and then we have to build a communication from there. So that's what I used to do.

21:20:59 I'm not saying that you have to do it for every single company, but if the company is matching your profile, they are hiring the students and they are the decision proof, some other factors you can apply.

21:21:11 I'm seeing my approach, you can print it according to you. So you have to apply these filters and try it out.

21:21:15 So that was my approach. I tried for 1 1 5 got well internships.

21:21:19 That's amazing. And that's something I really learned from US by like how you can, you know, go through conversations as well.

21:21:42 Yeah.

21:21:28 This so far I haven't done that you know I go through the profile I find a your need point probably I start off more with coffee conversations of Just feel anything but not something specific to someone's field but that's a good I'll take it as a learning for myself and I'll do it as well and I'll see how things Who would not want that, you know, somebody who has just scanned their

21:21:52 Yeah.

21:21:50 profile, found something and then discussing on that and then probably coming on to the point of okay you're working on this I'm interested my tech stack is probably not jumping to the main conversation is would be a killer rather than going through.

21:22:03 Yeah, or for example, let's say if you are in cybersecurity, if someone is listening maybe a years from now, 5, 4 years from now, you will be like a middle level. Right.

21:22:15 So if they're looking to your profile in this, if they simply come up high. Someone there's some role in opportunity in your organization would you Please take me, take me through it or maybe you please, you can, can you recommend me?

21:22:28 So it's like more or less you won't focus on but if someone comes to your profile and says, hi, Sammon, since, as an aspiring cybersecurity professional, I got to know that you have that much of industrial experiences.

21:22:40 And you're working on the same tact that I'm learning theoretically at my university. Can you please tell me more about it?

21:22:46 So this is something that I'll be interested in turning.

21:22:58 Yeah.

21:22:46 Yeah. Yeah, and this is more of the person really wants that help rather than you know, just talking about random things or you know anything of that sort that so I guess that's what you said in the starting Good questions.

21:23:06 Yeah.

21:23:12 Yeah.

21:23:06 Like put on the right questions that's needed because. That's how it helps you. It may take some time, but you know, eventually it helps you, you know, the personalized messages and you know how you use the in So hopefully is something really important because not

21:23:19 Yeah, yeah, I call it. Yeah, I call it. Sorry about interrupting you. I call it my own 80 20 rule.

21:23:27 Okay.

21:23:27 So if you starting the conversation, 80% things should be about them not about you. Don't ask.

21:23:34 Any favor indelically or directly in the beginning itself. So in the beginning, ask them good question.

21:23:40 80% would be about them, 20% about you. Once they get to know that this particular individual is interested, he or she is very good at it.

21:23:47 So now they will be, once they are interested, they will start asking then that's a high time.

21:23:52 For you to show your effective communication and the arts of storytelling.

21:24:02 Yeah.

21:24:08 Yeah.

21:23:56 Yeah, because maybe it's not you who comes back for the job question. Probably they only ask you that I saw your banner and I see your experience and you could apply on this It's more like your job has been done by them.

21:24:12 Yeah.

21:24:12 So, you know, I really support that thing and I guess everyone should start doing that and the messages and the words wisely because you do get lesser words if you're not connected to the person.

21:24:23 And you should write to the point what is needed and then probably that person would really respond back but if not it's okay.

21:24:30 Yeah. Oh.

21:24:31 That's fine. So I always used to keep like personalized messages like for people I'm connected to for people I'm not connected to.

21:24:43 So, you know, you keep 2 sorts of messages and you know you're connected to for people I'm not connected to.

21:24:47 So you know you keep 2 sorts of messages and you know you shorten the you get someone's attention and then you start the conversation.

21:24:49 But yeah, you were saying something.

21:24:50 Yeah, so since you mentioned the template, so initially I used to have the templates when I was new at this technique.

21:24:56 So once you mastered it by continuously doing it because initially you may not get the responses and you feel like it's not working, but you have to do it.

21:25:05 It's not about the intensity. It's about consistency. It's not like you have to do 1020 messages, single day, even one or 2 messages a single day.

21:25:14 For the next couple of months is consistency. So believe in the consistency in base of intensity.

21:25:19 So you, once you start doing it, you don't need a template at the end because then you'll master this technique and you can simply look at the profile for the 5 s.

21:25:27 You can traffic good message. And sometimes, if you want, I can focus more on that if you have time.

21:25:34 Okay, so for example, sometimes even if we are very good at it, we don't get the responses.

21:25:40 So then, aircraft one technique that now works 100% for me if not if not 100% I can say 95%.

21:25:47 So what I do is let's say I drop a message to someone. And she didn't, she accepted my invite.

21:25:53 Look into my message but didn't reply back. That's fair enough. Maybe she is busy.

21:25:58 So what I do, I simply go to her profile after maybe a couple of days and follow her and follow her back.

21:26:03 What this does, so she will receive an lingy notification that this individual named, has followed you.

21:26:11 So she will, this individual send me a message like a couple of days back now he's following me back.

21:26:15 Okay, so maybe you feel like replying me back, but what if you don't? What then what I'll do, maybe of next 3, 4 days, I'll go to your profile again.

21:26:24 I'll look into your skill set. Read your experience and maybe I'll endorse you for a couple of skills that you are very good at and that I can go to know from your experiences.

21:26:35 So I endorse you for those 2 scripts. Again, she will receive and message. In the linking that I endorse her for a couple of skills, then she will be in some kind of moral dilemma that this individual dropped me a message, followed me back, and was me a couple of skills.

21:26:53 I think I should have replied to him. So she made a try, but what if she doesn't?

21:26:58 Then the rule could be if I come across some articles on the internet about cybersecurity, let's say how they are using the penetration testing to get to know about new cyber threats.

21:27:06 Or if I come across something else on the internet I'll simply share on the LinkedIn and ask.

21:27:13 Hi someone I got learned from this this particular article or the general I got to learn about these bullet points A B and C. What do you think about it?

21:27:21 And I'll tag her. Again, she's I'm forcing her into the social or the model dilemma to reply me back.

21:27:27 Or maybe if I come across a article on the link in, I'll tag. Hi, S, what do you think about this article?

21:27:33 So this is like you were telling them that you are curious about them. You cannot do it with everyone, but if there is a company which you are really passionate for, you can do it.

21:27:43 And if you do it, you have to be in a constant hustle, but it works. So by the end of the day if they are completely into that or dilemma or you have created a model boundary around them.

21:27:56 They are volunteer reply because at the end of the day, even they are human. But don't overdo it.

21:28:02 Yeah, yeah, it works.

21:27:59 Complete cycle of psychological playoffs. That's your I suppose it has worked because you've been so confident with that and I know it's more of.

21:28:14 Yeah. Yeah.

21:28:11 You're not putting strain on to that person that you have to reply, message, how you would.

21:28:20 Yeah. Yeah.

21:28:17 Letting them to be part of any activity and you know trying to have that conversation so that person is you know We may out of curiosity come back to you.

21:28:27 Yeah, it's not yeah, it's not if, yeah, it's not if we didn't reply I'll drop some message again again and again.

21:28:28 Okay. Hi. Yeah.

21:28:36 So it is not the approach, it's the opposite. You are indirectly telling them that you are interested in what they are doing.

21:28:44 Maybe if let's say they are apply. No, this is the high moment you should say. I'm really interested in what you're doing.

21:28:50 Maybe if let's say they apply. No, this is the high moment you should say. I'm really interested in what you're doing. Can you please talk more about it?

21:28:53 So let's say if you talk. With them for the couple of times or maybe more then you can politely ask them can you please mentor me because I'm aspiring to be a great cybersecurity data or this software engineer or whatever rules you are aspiring to be, simply ask them.

21:29:07 And if they get ready to mentor you, that's a good case for you because you're getting a mentor for free that are from the industry who can guide you for everything is single things.

21:29:15 So that's how you can get a mentor for you.

21:29:21 Yeah.

21:29:17 Hi, I, and I guess everyone has their own way of interacting with. And somehow you want to get into that conversation.

21:29:26 So yeah, that's one thing I guess everyone's learning from you a lot of the shake and we just move ahead and I just wanted to pinpoint to the last question that we were discussing about the community works.

21:29:38 So if you could let the folks know more about the in-house community work, how you reached out to your college, student clubs, all the organizations or the board positions that you could gain and how did you went off outside?

21:29:54 Like how was LinkedIn or any other thing being helpful to you to be part of other activities?

21:29:58 Okay. Okay. So for example, at, we have around 185 string clubs.

21:30:05 That are completely run by this rent sponsored by the the IT in terms of the funding space and every single thing around it.

21:30:13 So I'm part of, currently I'm part of like Google. Developer student, as a data center.

21:30:19 And the there's a one music. And Karaoke group. I never learned the music, but I'm the executive member of it.

21:30:26 I'll tell you how. Then I'm part of the career services as the LinkedIn mentor and the career relationship.

21:30:35 And then I was part of I was the vice president open of the organization. So these are the ignition that I was part of internally.

21:30:41 So when I came to the US, so I used to go to the campus every single day. Just to be because I used to be introvert.

21:30:51 Frankly, I was in introvert in my undergrad. I, if you ask me in the, undergrad friends, they'll tell you that I was in introvert.

21:30:57 The same thing if I asked my master's friend here, which are good, they'll tell you no, this cannot be true.

21:31:02 So there's this dark difference between these 2. And the day I came here, I thought, whatever mistakes I have done in my, I, I'm not going to repeat it.

21:31:10 So I used to be go to every single event irrespective of which country. Club it is. For example, we have collapse from every single country.

21:31:18 So they used to organize their cultural events or if they are attack events, extracurricular, I simply used to go initially I used to alone but then when I made some good friends we used to go in group so we used to network talk to them.

21:31:30 And you to ask them if what they are doing, what they are not doing. So once you get in touch with them, they sometimes, feel like, oh, this particular individual is showing the interest in the cloud.

21:31:42 So that's how I got into my first club and that directly into the executive board position without being the member.

21:31:47 So one of that one of the time she emailed me, Abishik, I think you can be a great, to the club.

21:31:55 Would you be part of it? I outright, he said yes. That's how I got to be in the vice president and the executive board member of 3 clubs.

21:32:02 And apart from that, the I was part of Google Spen Developer Club that I started. This semester in January that I got, because through one of the professor again.

21:32:14 The professor I knew before even coming here so he recommended the lead of that group Google and I was friend with him so you asked me and I said yes.

21:32:23 Then since I was part of so many other people from the university apart from my professors, classmate from the administrative chambers, people who are in careers, services, different department, management departments.

21:32:34 I used to simply go, them, or if I'm meeting them in the lobby, somewhere around.

21:32:39 I simply used to breed them in the lobby, somewhere around. I simply used to read them, ask about the weather or what they did on the weekend.

21:32:44 So these are the good question on those times. So I'm pleased to ask them. So when I used to interact, so that's how I got into as a campus investor for world business.

21:32:52 So one of the people from the career services at my university, he recommended my name to that organization. So, World Business Chicago is a huge thing because they have the collaboration with 1 60 organization across the US including companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn and everything.

21:33:08 So he recommended my name for that. So they have, then I had the interview and they selected me.

21:33:14 So I was working at the campus investor where every single event, rated to them or the tech event, or the even slash, gallop, lose, everything and around it was free for me.

21:33:25 As a student. I can simply show that I in the campus semester I can go. So these are the perks of being the part of the clubs and It works, sometimes it works sometimes it don't, but make sure if you're willing to be a part of some clubs that I recommend that you should do so that you can tell the employers that you are not just sticking to the classes, you are doing something out

21:33:45 of the class extra just go to those, events, talk to their even team, subscribed to their newsletter, keep on meeting them, and you never know.

21:33:58 It's at the end, it's all about the networking. So it's a good habit and develop it because it will help you.

21:34:04 Layen in your experiences and the use because you will feel more confident that you can talk to anybody anytime and you can take the conversation and you can move the conversation because sometimes what we feel is especially as an Indian.

21:34:17 That we don't know how to start the conversation even if we know we don't know how to take along or how to build a good communication and then a good relationship through that conversation.

21:34:28 So we are weak at it and once we admit it, we can work on it and move it.

21:34:33 Yeah. Yeah, that is why it becomes really a thing that apart from the tech things, you also know something around you.

21:34:40 Whatever is happening, the social activity so that at least that's a good icebreaker, a conversation starter.

21:34:51 Yeah.

21:34:47 And then you can come to the main context of the conversation and that could be more of. Like the greetings thing that you do well, you have to really excel into that when you are short of topics. Only when you know.

21:35:08 You're not aware of things like when you're not aware of maybe a football match or rugby match.

21:35:12 Yeah.

21:35:08 So you don't Maybe basics of it. Just the Just to and talk about it. Probably that could be like a good conversation.

21:35:17 With all these extracurricular activities maybe in campus off campus. Conversation is the most, the most

21:35:23 Yeah. And, for let's say if you don't, let's say this is your first day in Chicago.

21:35:30 And let's say even first day of first week, it's same. And you don't know how to what are the teams being here, what are the local teams.

21:35:40 You can simply go this is a technique I use most even in the interviews, yes, in the interviews as well.

21:35:43 So if I'm meeting someone for the first time, I would say, oh, that's nice shared.

21:35:48 Where did you buy it? Oh, that's a nice code, but that's a nice queue where, something like something on those.

21:35:54 So this is a good ice breaker. So you can start on this point and if you say something or you can admire someone they feel good about it and then you can ask me to do you buy it can you please recommend being a good pair of shoes or good pair of shirt or can you recommend me a good store nearby because I'm just new here so that's a good icebreaker and once you can. You can read the ice.

21:36:17 You can then talk about anything.

21:36:17 Hi, I agree. I agree to that point and that's bang on right and it has worked always.

21:36:22 Yeah.

21:36:22 So, I know, we've talked about a lot of things about how you started things, how you came here, how you're doing things.

21:36:31 So I just wanted to ask like what a couple of roles that you were available for after your graduation that you were willing to work for.

21:36:40 And you know, I know you're still in the job market. So just wanting you to stop more about it.

21:36:44 Okay. So as I mentioned, I'm majoring in data science and currently working at the data list.

21:36:51 So this is what I belong to. This is what I love to do. And so the rules that I'm more interested in, it's as a data scientist, data engineer, data and this analytics in turn, machine learning engineer.

21:37:02 Or maybe BI or anything where there is a data you can find me and you can help me it is as simple as that so it's like do what I love and I love what I do.

21:37:14 So data is everywhere around me. I like to get my hands steady. So if you have something on data, I can help you sort it out and can data, even business in sites.

21:37:23 Okay, that's great. So I just wanted to pause here for a moment and talk to everyone watching it or maybe if you know someone who is hiring people in the roles of data scientists, data engineer, a few others that just it would be a good help that if you could reach out to him.

21:37:44 And see his text, see what all things that he has worked on outside of his degree and probably that would be a good start for you to check back with this.

21:37:56 Records and then have him for the interviews or anything. So we'd have this. Limited profile in the description below and then that would be one stop shop where you can't do for the interviews or anything.

21:38:09 So we'd have this, linked profile in the description below and then that could be one stop shop where you can just talk to him, talk what his aspirations, and then that would be one stop shop where you can just talk to him, in the description below and then that could be one stop shop where you can just talk to him, talk what his aspirations are, how it could just in line with your organization's skillset as well.

21:38:22 So yeah, that is something that I wanted to put out and So yeah, that would be that would be amazing if something works out here and somebody, you know, reaches out there.

21:38:22 Thanks. Yeah.

21:38:28 But, As we're closing off, with the podcast, I just want to ask you 2 more things.

21:38:34 Quickly to wrap this up. One is the Certificate that really, you know, got my attention from your profile, the one that we did from Howard University.

21:38:46 So if you could talk more about it, is it just you did it independently or it's part of the course work or You mentioned there were a lot of other codes for that were associated to be schools or other things as well so if you can

21:39:00 Okay, sure. So again, I was in touch with some professor. Who knew someone at the So he recommended me that course when I came here in fault.

21:39:10 So since the do you have to pay some fees because it's from Howard that 2 professional certificate. So initially it was free for me.

21:39:18 It got all, so I started it in December, 2022. So I'm still pursuing it.

21:39:24 So it gives you the freedom that you can complete it. So it gives you the freedom that you can complete it on your own pace.

21:39:29 So it gives you the freedom that you can complete it on your own pace. So probably by the end of this year, I'm trying to complete it So that's why I got it and it's on the Harvard, they will tell you the skill set.

21:39:36 How to use R for the statistical purposes, how to get data, given sites using our probability and some, of the machine learning analysis and everything.

21:39:46 And else around it. So that's how I got to know it and at the end of the completion I'll get a certificate from them and for the certificate I have to pay some amount that is not a big deal.

21:39:56 So that is about it.

21:40:05 Yeah.

21:39:59 That's really great and I just want to stress it over here again that networking is really okay and it can really it's you with good late opportunities.

21:40:09 And this is one example that again that networking is really a key and it can really it's you with good rate opportunities and this is one example that again I this is one example that again, just mentioned to us that you know you can get hold of other programs and you know Howard is a.

21:40:20 And this is one example that again, I'm just mentioned to us that you know you can get hold of other programs and you know how it is a thing.

21:40:25 Yeah. Yeah.

21:40:26 So you know why not do it from there and get the certificate and that would add more to your profile when you And, but that being said, I just want you to Let us know any sort of advice to any new joiners.

21:40:34 Who are trying to get into the college for their master's degree or any other degree. So any parting advice that you wanted to get through the

21:40:43 I would say be aware. So once we are aware of what's happening around you. You'll be curious.

21:40:51 So second step would be curious. So once you are curious. Once, you have to be aware. Once you are aware, you will be curious.

21:40:59 So once you're curious, you'll start learning about it. So once you start doing it, you will develop that kind of attitude.

21:41:03 So this is the 3 step process as simple as that that you can that can lead to you, the success.

21:41:10 So be aware. Be curious and develop that kind of attitude.

21:41:23 Yeah.

21:41:14 That's great. And I guess that would really help you and with We're coming to a new country, it's okay to not know everything and try to make yourself accustomed to new things, try to ask those.

21:41:29 Yeah.

21:41:40 Yep.

21:41:27 Silly questions that okay I don't know this start learning about new things because That's what the thing here is the communication networking is the key and without that it's didn't for you if you if you're not integrated you are totally tagged up as a node and board person or stuff like that.

21:41:44 Yeah

21:41:46 And it's it's fun to actually be inclusive in a lot of. Student activities or outside of campus activities as well because it's pretty open here.

21:41:57 You get lots of things and with networking you get. To, you know, wave off on a lot of money matters as well, like we heard, for a lot of things.

21:42:01 Yes.

21:42:04 So clearly communication is the key and with that advice of being aware curious and then head to what you want to do is something really a crux.

21:42:19 Yeah.

21:42:14 And you know, every strategy, every person's strategy could be different. But yeah, this is how you can, and then device something for yourself.

21:42:22 So thank you so much, Ab Shake, for sharing all those things. I know. Out of all the things you could give ITSP magazine and the podcast this time to share all your insights and it would really be a one-stop shop for everyone.

21:42:42 To you know watch this video know your experience and then get back to you for mode questioning. I hope so your talk mate is flooded.

21:42:45 Yeah.

21:42:45 And you get a lot of emails, lot of requests that would be like hour when year but thank you so much again for being on the podcast.

21:42:52 No worries. Thank you for inviting me and that was a sound discussion. I believe so many people.

21:42:56 Okay.

21:42:58 Will look into it and get some insights and get the strategy and craft it from themselves.

21:43:03 So, and today I guess a lot of strategies were, shown from your side and it was told and it's no more a secret what you were doing at your end and people could actually do things with all the zeal to manage a lot of things.

21:43:18 So. Thank you so much again and without being said thank you so much everyone who was watching this podcast and I hope things were helpful here and we'll have all the details about his profile, all his handles down in the.

21:43:32 And you could just directly click on it and be a part of his network as well. So thank you so much everyone.